Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Presentation in Dublin

Today I spoke at a conference in Dublin about global opportunities of the ageing population. A really bright and attentive audience. Fantastic location. You can hear and see the presentation (22 mins run time).

I always like coming back to Ireland. This time is no exception. Dick Stroud


Dónal Rice said...

Hi Dick,
great presentation today. Coming from a background in Universal Design, it was interesting to me that you were one of the only presentations that dealt with how mainstream product design can and is in many cases accomodating the needs of older people (iphone, kindle, Golf plus). Most other presentation dealt with age-specific technologies such as telehealth and ambient assisted living. Another take-out for me from your presentation was challenging attitudes around older people's usage of such technologies such as the interent which is realted more to educational background than age? Very interesting and enlightening. I'll be following more of your work in future and hope to see you in Dublin again sometime.

Dónal Rice
Senior Design Advisor, ICT
Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

Chuck Nyren said...


It's difficult for me to be 'sad' and teary-eyed about Eons, however.

Dropship Products said...

Definitely, the presentation is all about the older population bound to increase with time. Considering their needs and optimally utilising the potential is important. Thanks for the incredible presentation.