Saturday, March 06, 2010

More Boomer bashing nonsense

Newsnight is (was) a respected BBC news insight programme. A couple of days ago it had a Boomer bashing fest. Matched in verbal combat were representatives of the angry young and the smuggish old. Neither did themselves in credit.

I have written about this stupid argument a number of times, most recently in the context of a silly article in a UK Sunday paper.

David Willetts, who does have a lot to contribute to this subject, had to condense the complex subject of intergenerational equity into half a dozen short sentences.

The spokesman for Yoof was a particularly annoying plonker (pictured) who wants to position himself as Mr Young and Angry. His only contribution was a couple of dumb soundbites that he endlessly repeated about the unfairness of having to pay for a university education unlike them (the boomers) who had it all free of charge.

Have a listen to this short sound clip from the programme to get a feel of the tone. If you have nothing better to do you can listen to the whole thing (22 mins).

A plea to the BBC. This is an important subject that should not be treated in this daft manner. The guy from Citywire seems to agree with this view. Dick Stroud

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