Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adults have fun in their retirement community - but do the viewers?

Sunset Daze is a new reality show set at active-adult retirement communities in Arizona.

I was trying to think where the equivalent place in the UK might be – Penrith - maybe Colchester?

It appears that the reviewers had a wide range of views, ranging from dreadful to OK.

From this short preview of the programme I think I would be more towards the ‘dreadful’ than the ‘OK’.

The thing I don't like about ‘reality’ shows is that the one thing they are is not real. I mean real, for most people, is normally boring most of the time with the occasional dash of excitement.

‘Reality’ for the producers of this programme appears to be showing older people proving that they are still up for romance, active sports and generally having a hell of a good time. I always think that this is something they probably missed out on in the previous 40 years of their life and are trying to pack into the last few years.

Maybe I am being too hard. But the sight of older people trying to prove that how young in body and spirit they are makes me feel queasy. I would be interested to hear from anybody in the US who has seen the first couple of episodes. Dick Stroud

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