Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Are celebrities are like fine wines and mature with age

Millward Brown’s latest UK research study that analyses celebrity and brand equity to identify appropriate brand partnerships has come up with some interesting results.

The study uses the agency’s new Cebra (celebrity + brand) research tool that includes measures of affinity (how well they are liked) and Buzz (how much they are talked about online and offline).

The study ranks celebrities with the highest Cebra score among UK adults aged between 18 and 65. The top 10 were:
1. Kylie Minogue 42
2. Cheryl Cole 27
3. David Beckham 35
4. Ant & Dec
5. Joanna Lumley 64
6. Terry Wogan 72
7. Jamie Oliver 35
8. George Clooney 49
9. Sean Connery 70
10. Helen Mirren 65

Notice anything? The list is definitely older rather than younger.

At about the same time as this news appeared there was an interesting quote from the marketing people at M&S that said Twiggy (aged 60) is the person who epitomises its core customer.Dick Stroud

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