Monday, April 19, 2010

Florida Boomers

There is an interesting conference taking place in the US about Boomers. I was tempted to attend but time pressures got in the way. Thank heavens, since I would still be waiting at Heathrow with the other zillions of passengers attempting to get to the US.

Anyway, some of the material from the conference is finding its way onto the web. This article about is research by Schwartz Consulting Services about Florida Boomers. Follow the link and the instructions and you can download the whole presentation.

There were a couple of slides that particularly interested my. First the "word cloud" displaying the things that are important to this group. No surprises, but it is a nice way of presenting the data. I was fascinated by the data about the complex household of the Boomer. We all instinctively know this is the case but it is great to see some numbers put around the complexity.
The presentation goes on to ask the “So what” question about what this “full nest” syndrome mean. A good presentation. Dick Stroud

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