Monday, April 19, 2010

New product opportunities as 'health' becomes more important to the 50-plus

I missed this item in about General Mills and how it sees it targeting of US consumers. Back in Feb it announced that the three keys to success were the Hispanics, baby boomers and millennials. The company revealed products and marketing plans designed specifically for those segments at the Consumer Analysts Group meeting in New York.

Boomers seem to like fibre. The highest per-capita cereal consumption is among those aged 55 or older, particularly as these consumers look for ways to add more fibre to their diets. General Mills has products targetted at the fibre consumer as well as an increased desire for soups and yogurt products.

The common requirement, as seen by General Mills, is a need for products with “added health benefits” such as probiotics. The company is also courting empty nesters with single-serving versions of some of its products.
CNN has also covered this subject.

These ideas about products make a lot of sense but I wonder what percentage of US, or UK, boomers are really that conscious about “added health benefits”. My guess is that it is 20-30%. Dick Stroud

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