Saturday, May 01, 2010

Broken car, broken house now broken bones

RIAS, the UK’s specialist over-50s insurance company, has just launched a “Broken Bones” cash plan.

Customers get a lump sum payment of £400 if they break a bone in an accident.

For a premium of £16.00 a year per person (as insurance companies love to do and spell it out as just £1.33 a month) the cover provides a £400 cash payment, which can be used for anything at all.

RIAS reckon that over 7.7m UK men and women suffer a bone fracture, after the age of 50. I would love to know where that figure comes from.

So I guess that the £400 applies if you break your finger or neck?

This is a strange insurance product. I will be interesting to see how it does and how fast RIAS’s competitors start to offer fracture insurance. Dick Stroud

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