Thursday, May 20, 2010

By their words we will know them

This is a word map of a document that has a lot of importance to the UK. Young old and all ages in-between. It is the grand plan of what our new coalition government intend to do during their time in power.

Do any particular words jump out at you? If you made the assumption that a word’s regularity is some indication of the importance to the policy what would you make of this lot?

Put it another way, what words would have expected to see and don’t? Let me suggest a few. Words associated with ageing/older people. How about cuts in public expenditure? What about the financial deficit reduction? How about business growth/stimulation?

As far as I can see it is very big on ‘Government’ even bigger on ‘support’ (strange when there is so little money to spend on it) and a tad too big on the dreaded word ‘programme’.

I guess you would expect to see ‘ensure’ and 'new' figuring large as eye candy words that have to be sprinkled about liberally (I will come back to that word) to make it feel as if it might actually happen.

Coming back to the word ‘liberal’ – you will find it mentioned twice as many times as the word ‘conservative’. How weird when it was the Conservatives that won the most votes and the most seats.

Not an encouraging start. Dick Stroud

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