Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silver Surfers Day - one more day to go

For the last few months I have been providing some assistance to Digital Unite, the company that organises Silver Surfers Day (SSD). This is a one day event where organisations in the UK stage events to help older people start on the road toward using the Internet.

How times have changed. When the event first started it was all about the very basics of e-mail and “What is a Web site”. This year includes the contribution of:

Decca that has staged a web site to help people understand how simple it is to download music. The site even includes a video of Dame Vera Lynn.

History Pin, in partnership with Google, has launched a web site that moulds Street Maps with photographs from the past

There is a lot more stuff that should be of real interest to older people.

You can read more about the day on the BBC.

Believe me this is one hell of a big venture to run. Well done the guys at Digital Unite. Dick Stroud

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