Sunday, May 30, 2010

GrowingBolder is growing bolder

I haven’t written about Growing Bolder since March 2008. At that stage I had my grave doubts about the viability of the venture even though I applauded the founder's commitment and their use of Web video as the primary media.

Well the site is still going and seems to be increasing its scope of activities. Chuck Nyren’s blog tells us that the Growing Bolder TV Show has been selected by American Public Television (PBS) as one of the very few new programs for national distribution. This gives the programme nationwide coverage in in high definition.

Clearly, this programme works for a lot of older Americans. My blogging service doesn't like the embed video code from their web site and their YouTube video didn't have the embeding code so you will have to click on this link if you want to see the a sample of programme. Dick Stroud

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Chris said...

They really are interesting, aren't they?

I've just written to them!

Thanks, Dick!