Monday, May 31, 2010

Watching this video is worth 14 mins of your life

This has nothing much to do with the 50-plus but is something that is important for us all to understand.

Yesterday I wrote about danah boyd and her contribution to understanding the issues of privacy that Facebook and Google are wrestling with.

Today I have just watched her address the Gov2.0 conference where she talked about the importance of information literacy when addressing transparency of government data.
Her arguments don’t just apply to Government data, they become even more important when applied to scientific data that determines Government and corporate policy.

These are the main points she makes.
1. Information is power, but interpretation is more powerful
2. Data taken out of context can have unintended consequences
3. Transparency alone is not the great equalizer

This woman bugs me. Not only does she think logically and write extremely well but she is also an excellent communicator and willing to take views away from the norm. If she ever enters politics she gets my vote. Dick Stroud

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Mark Beasley said...

Thanks Dick. Dana is an impressive presenter indeed.