Tuesday, June 01, 2010

AARP is in a challenging place

This article from Media Week talks about the way that AARP is changing in its effort to match the wants and needs of the new generation of older Americans. I think the issue that AARP is juggling with goes to the very heart of marketing to older people.

I thought the two images from the new AARP Web site demonstrates visually the two communications objectives that the organisation is attempting resolve.
Objective 1 – this is a contemporary place talking about attractive contemporary people/issues.
Objective 2 – this is a place where we talk about issues that are of specific interest to older people. 
Whatever AARP creates has to be as attractive and useful as anything in the age-neutral market but in addition it has to address age specific issues in an incredibly sensitive way. This is really difficult.

It is clear to me that the organisation understands this challenge and I reckon it is doing a pretty good job of trying to find a solution. It will be interesting to see the iPhone and iPad app that it is launching in June. Brandchannel has also published an article about the Web site. Dick Stroud

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