Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a dreadful ad

This ad is from Saga – hence it is definitely aimed at the 50-plus.

Is it just me, but it looks as if it has popped through a hole in the space time continuum from the 1980s. Smiling, reassuring face of ‘expert’, banner headline claim “Instant relief from sensitive teeth”, proof of claim “Clinical Studies Prove” call to action “Now prove it to yourself”.

Maybe this is an ultra smart move my Colgate to select an old time ad format, hoping that its audience will remember it from yesteryear. Maybe, Colgate is stuck in time warp and have not moved their ad creative into a post millennium bug era? From a quick look at their web site, I favour the latter explanation.

I was particularly amused by the memorable micro site that Colgate has created At least this site uses video, even though the style is a single dimension pitch about the science of the product.What would Don Draper have said? Dick Stroud

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