Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Apple's great age-neutral ad for the iPhone

Thanks to the Boomer Project for talking about the article by Anne Mai Bertelsen who wrote a first rate blog about the new Apple ad.

To the best of my knowledge this ad has not hit the UK TV networks.

I think the ad is a great example of age-neutral advertising. So natural, so benefit orientated – just so good – just like the product. As the writer says...
There is an absence of “senior" copy: The scripts never allude to age; there are no direct references to "now that we're of a certain age," common in so many advertisements targeting Boomers. Instead, Apple focuses on communicating the rational benefits of owning and using its products -- albeit highlighting Boomers' desire for technology that helps simplify and mange their lives. For example, a Mac is virus-free and easy to use, right out of the box. An iPhone lets you connect easily with what's important in your life -- your family.
I don’t know if these stats are correct but Ms Bertelsen says that Boomers represent a third of iPhone users, half of Mac users and the leading group that pays $99/year for one-on-one training in Apple's 284 store locations.

Seems to me that the 50-plus are a pretty important group of consumers for the guys at Apple. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

My take on it:

DickStroud said...

Chuck - as usual you make a good point. Since most people will think of the iPhone as being totally aimed at young people it is a good first step by Apple to recognize that its users will span all ages, Maybe they will extend the ad to use the grandparents as the focus for the ad? Maybe - Maybe not.