Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What do we know about the 65+ and their use of technology?

Not much is the answer.

The ageing in place technology blog has an excellent posting that makes this point “The '65+' survey conundrum”.

To be honest, all I know about them is that:

  • On average there they use the PCs less than the proceeding age group
  • Their use of PC is closely aligned to level of education
  • The use of PCs is closely aligned to the profession of the older person – if they used a PC during their working life then they will most likely continue during their non-work life
  • Each year the use of PCs by the 65+ increases, but it I don’t know the extent that this is because of younger older people, who are IT literate, becoming ‘65+’ or a genuine increase in the numbers of 65+ people becoming digitally literate
I haven’t seen any decent segmentation of the 65+ other than the very basic. This is a BIG hole in our knowledge. Dick Stroud

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