Saturday, July 10, 2010

A nice sales approach for weight loss

I get loads of PR releases telling me about all sorts of things that agencies think will interest the 50-plus. Most of the time they are long-winded and not relevant.

Today I received one from a US agency. Whilst I hope all of the readers of this blog are as thin as a whippet I thought it was worth publishing the e-mail since to my mind it is how an agency should contact a blogger. Very direct with a clear call to action.

Please consider the following topic for a contributed healthy lifestyle story. As obesity is a common problem for retirees, this information should be of interest to your readers. It would fit nicely among your fitness posts, particularly those involving weight loss methods and joining health clubs. I can provide a bylined article or coordinate interviews and background information.


For many people, retirement means several things: a break from the daily grind, time to catch up with friends and family, relaxation and vacations. Retirement is also a time to focus on your often-neglected personal health. With more than two-thirds of American adults overweight or obese, weight loss is a common goal for most people.
The e-mail then gave a couple of paragraphs about the company and the founder. Short, clear and to the point.

I think older people at a life changing point like retirement is a good moment for a fitness/wellness company to target. Strange how few companies are adopting this strategy. Dick Stroud

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