Thursday, July 01, 2010

UK Web users are getting older

According to UKOM, almost a third of the online population is aged over 50, with 1m new people in that age group coming online in the year to May 2010. Men accounted for about 722,000 of those new older web surfers.

UKOM has kindly made available a PowerPoint presentation containing lost of its research findings.

A spokesman for the research company (that is part of Nielsen) reckons that the growth is not just due to saturation in younger demographics but is also driven by increased confidence in online security and the increase in Web sites targeting older users.

Health, travel, genealogy and cooking sites are among the most popular kinds of websites for the over-50s, Nielsen found after analysing the behaviour of its panel of 45,000 people.

The person from Nielsen also said: “The general consensus is this age group tend to have more disposable income and tend to be less fickle [than younger people]. “Advertisers are continually going after younger demographics but this group is very much overlooked in terms of their purchasing power.” Well I cannot disagree with that! Dick Stroud

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