Friday, September 03, 2010

AARP recognises the usefulness of bloggers

Fancy a trip to AARP’s event in Orlando and the chance to have your pearls of wisdom read by the world? Well here is how to do it…
This is a chance to be the eyes and ears of AARPs membership, sharing news, information and stories with those unable to attend the event and to have a great time doing it! You will have a media pass to the event and the opportunity to meet and interview high profile speakers.
Up to three winning bloggers will get an all-expenses trip to Orlando@50+, be published and promoted on the AARP's blog, Twitter and Facebook page and will be given a Flipcam (to keep) to document their experiences.
Sound interesting?

I hope the UK age related organisations are reading this and start to incorporate bloggers in their communications strategies. Dick Stroud

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Brent Green said...

I think it's very positive that AARP recognizes the value of bloggers from a media channel perspective, Dick, although I'm not sure how many professional bloggers will view the benefits of winning worth the cost of time and effort if they do win. AARP is expecting a hefty commitment of time and energy throughout the conference (interviewing, news gathering, two or more 600-word blog pieces per day, plus other social networking activities such as dynamic Twittering). AARP staff members receive travel expenses plus salaries and benefits while they attend the conference. The organization is, in effect, asking selected bloggers to become working staff members during the conference, without pay or benefits. Retired or recreational bloggers might find travel expenses sufficiently motivating, but will professional writers?