Saturday, October 02, 2010

Is this for real?

I have sat through countless focus groups where older people say that they just “don’t get” contemporary advertising. Alas I have joined this group having just seen, what is supposed to be a blockbuster infomercial, to convince us all to take climate change seriously.

The Guardian has an interesting article about the venture.

I guess the aim of the thing was to create buzz for the climate change cause. Who said all buzz is good buzz?
Not only has the thing been criticised by the mainstream media but it has attracted a torrent of abuse from the Green World who are aghast at the message it conveying - "if children don't agree with us blow them up". If you want to push the boundaries you had better be sure you know what you are doing - the makers of this clearly don't.

It reminded me of the dreadful ad that the Labour party ran during the general election that completely misjudged the mood of the public.

I just cannot believe these ads had any testing. They do make great case studies for how not to do it. Dick Stroud


Chuck Nyren said...

It's horrible. Monty Python without the humor.

However, if they'd actually gotten the Monty Python crew to produce/direct act in it, the spot would've worked. Cleese as a boss, Idle motivating people, Palin as some unctuous character - all blowing people up. Known comedy folks. I would've also hired the Peep Show guys - they're funny. All (or most) generations covered.

Monty Python knows how to make blood and guts flying around funny.

Piccalilli said...

But!!! Since I saw it on your blog, I've shown it to several colleagues. In a time of a surfeit of treehuggers trying to make us feel guilty whilst we rationalise it all away by blaming those Chinese, what else makes us talk about "global warming"?