Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How the mass media sees Marketing to Boomers

USA Today and CBS News are running a feature about Boomers turning 65.

It is a great example of how the mass media perceives marketing to older people. First the imagery (CND) then the use of a phrase (Senior Moment).

Then start the article with a personal story: “The minute I turned 55, it was like nobody cared anymore," Bonney says. "I didn't change from one day to the next, but as far as they were concerned, I'd aged out of relevance."

In the main body of the article you then have a series of simplistic suggestions:
  • Make them feel good
  • Make them feel hip
  • Make them feel smart.
  • Make them feel sexy
  • Make them feel hungryM
  • Make them feel techie
Mix this lot together and you have it sorted – or not.

Probably I am being a bit harsh. You are not expecting your newspaper to provide you with a textbook on the Marketing but this article is really simplistic.

A much more thoughtful article appears in Fox Business: 'Boomer' No Longer Synonymous with 'Consumer?’ This is much closer to the truth. Dick Stroud

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