Friday, January 28, 2011

The newsletter from Immersion Active- worth subscribing

I have always been impressed with the marketing of the guys at Immersion Active and I really like their newsletter. I recommend subscribing.

The latest version has a couple of fascinating news items.

New Lives for ‘Dead’ Suburban Malls describes how old shopping malls (centres) are being converted into housing areas for older people. Sounds a brilliant idea.

Neighbours, an older couple (both in their 80s) are moving to live above a store in the local town shopping centre. It is close to the stores, safe, near to transport, lots of life etc etc. I think the concept has a lot to recommend it. Maybe it might translate into the UK housing environment.

MetLife has just published a report (Housing Trends Update for the 55+ Market Jan 2011). Lots of data, but the bottom line is that there is still a low uptake of 55+ specific housing and low but rapidly increasing rise in older people using reverse mortgages (equity release). Sounds about the same as in the UK. Dick Stroud

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