Friday, February 18, 2011

‘Facts’ about the travel of the over-50s

Liverpool and Victoria has published some research giving lots of nice factlets about the importance of the older traveller. Here are some for your collection

The over-50s travel market is booming as older holidaymakers now account for over half of overseas holiday spend (51%) and 43% of all UK tourism spend.

More than a third of all holidays now taken by the over-50s

Over 50s spend £17.6 billion a year on travel – spending 67% more on trips abroad than holidaymakers under 50

Buying online is the most popular method of booking holidays with over half (54% or 18.6 million holidaymakers) over 50, buying via the Web, compared to just 16% buying from a travel agent.

I have no idea about the accuracy of these findings but they seem to be in keeping with other research about the importance of the older traveller. Dick Stroud

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