Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gray-Tech or maybe Grey-Tech on the rise

This is something of a hotchpotch and simplistic article of quotes and examples of how the oldies are getting the hang of this technology stuff. A bit patronizing and not that well constructed but it has some interesting quotes. 

I was particularly taken by this section from Mary Furlong – one of the originals in the US boomer marketing industry.

Apple's iPad is a good example of a mainstream product with huge potential for seniors - "The iPad is the top product for all people 50-plus" - "The user interface is so easy. And for anyone with vision issues, the text size can be changed quite easily."

Older consumers are finding the iPad much easier to use than a personal computer” – “The iPad's touch-screen display and big icons beat using a computer mouse and having to find and click or double-click PC programs. Plus, a tablet can sit on your lap”

"What's so magical about the iPad is that you can be 90 and find nine applications to use, or be a child and find a bunch of applications."

“Baby boomers are comfortable using technology because they've used it in the workplace” I couldn’t agree more.

I like the photos. I like it that Mary agrees with my analysis.

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