Saturday, February 05, 2011

Not the best time to be young

A couple of months back I wrote an article for the Marketing Society about the issue of youth unemployment and the impact that has on their marketing attractiveness or lack of it.

Business Week has its leading article this week about the same subject. It neatly incorporates the problems in Egypt and how it is all of the fault of the boomers. What it doesn’t do is offer any real analysis of the cause of the problem, let alone the solution.

Is this a temporary dip or the way things will be for ever more?

The one area where there will a big demand is to look after the oldies. Somehow I get the feeling that this is not the sort of employment that is at the top of the list.

Like the previous blog posting, this is heavy stuff but it vital that we understand what is happening since it will govern how us marketers exploit the new world order. Dick Stroud

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