Sunday, February 06, 2011

Some interesting examples of age-adapted products

Do watch this video from the Wall Street Journal since it contains some interesting examples of age-adapted and age-neutral marketing. You will not be able to read the article, unless you have a subscription.

Here are some examples

ADT Security Services is training its staff to better communicate with boomers who are enquiring about medical-alert alarms. Of course it is just as likely that they will be enquiring about the products for their parents as themselves.

Ocean Spray Cranberries has now targeted the health-conscious older consumer as its primary consumer base.

There is an interesting example of a company that is gradually increasing the font size on its packaging, lowering store shelves to make them more accessible and avoiding yellows and blues in packaging—two colors that don't appear as sharply distinct to older eyes.

The one that really interested me was the ad for Kimberly-Clark Depend brand, widely considered adult diapers in the past, has had a makeover in a new TV ad: "Looks and fits like underwear. Protects like nothing else."

Bathroom-fixture maker Kohler Co has abandoned the term “grab bar" and introduced the "Belay" shower handrail—named for the rock-climbing technique, which blends subtly into the wall of a tiled shower.

And so on and so on. These examples alone are not going to shake the foundations of Corporate America but they do provide a guide to how the future might work out. Dick Stroud

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