Tuesday, February 15, 2011

U.S. Grandparents spend more

Yet more research from Nielsen. This time it a look at how grandparents spend their dosh.

The research reveals that grandparent households spend 4.4% more per year than all other households, which equates to an extra spend of more than $300 a year. Interestingly, having multiple grandchildren does not translate to more spending. In fact, grandparents in the survey with only one grandchild actually spend two times more than grandparents with 2–10 grandkids. The exception is grandparents with more than 10 grandkids – they actually spend $79 less per year than non-grandparent households.

The explanation offered by Nielsen is that grandparents with one grandchild are likely younger and still working and may be more inclined to show their love with greater spending. Similarly, households with more grandkids are likely to be older and therefore have weaker spending power.
Maybe, maybe not. Dick Stroud

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Malcolm said...

or maybe more grandhcildren has already exhausted the "mother lode"?