Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby boomers 'must pay for their own elderly care'

The post-war baby boom generation “has done pretty well for itself” and should be prepared to use its property wealth to pay for care in old age, a government adviser has said.

These are the words of Norman Reginald Warner, a Labour member of the House of Lords.

So what gives Norman the right to make such pronouncements?

Well, Lord Warner is drafting plans to reform the elderly care system.

In his rush to be seen to “a man of the people” Mr Cameron (the UK Prime Minister) has used an assortment of the has-beens from the last Labour government to ‘advise’ him about the touchy-feely subjects like ‘care’.

Rather than look around to find people who might know something about the subject and are not laden down with years of accumulated socialist prejudices and systemic failure he has elevated Norman as the man to decided how the “rich baby boomers” should be forced to sell their properties.

A little bit of digging finds that this guy spent his lifetime working (if that is an appropriate word to apply) in and around the public sector. This means he faces his retirement with an index linked, final salary pension that the poor saps in the private sector are forced to fund.

The care for older people in the UK deserves better than putting Norman in charge of this subject. Anybody who has been associated with the past 13 years of Labour failure is the very last person who should be running this project.

This is the man who was at the centre of a government that resulted in damning headlines about the systematic way the NHS fails the old.

This is the man who was responsible for this type of bureaucratic gobbledygook that is supposed to protect the old and vulnerable and abysmally fails.

Apologises, for the rant but our politicians and their publicly funded hangers-on really do drive you crazy. Apologises, to my friends who work in the public sector and do a good job – they know more than most about the inefficiencies and failings of the system.

The funding and running of public health in the UK needs root and branch changes, not the tinkering and social engineering that will result for the Normans of this world.  Dick Stroud


Steve said...

Very well put. Until those who make or dream up these policies are on the same pensions that they advocate for the rest of us....not lucky enough for final salary or indexed linked....they should not be so hypocritical to say post-war baby boom generation “has done pretty well for itself”. I honestly think that we are not all in it together. His indexed link pension will rise in line with inflation. These should be withdrawn forthwith. Most of the home owners have saved all their lives for their homes. Their wages,living essentials,insurance, luxuries, and any savings also heavily taxed. Finally in the twilight years of life the government comes along and takes the one piece of security an old person has and strips them of their house in a matter of months. Lord Warner- Labour{supposed to be for the workers-well I beg to differ} Conservatives- full of the "we're in it together people"- Liberals- "oh hell we need to make some decisions that will affect people and labour have nearly bankrupted us- thank god we've still got our currency so we can quantative ease{ie create new money}our way out of debt." Problem that causes inflation with low interest rates- ah but us MP's will get a bigger pension and eveyone else will get less. Job done!- we can then become a Lord and come up with more ideas to pay for our priviledged position....and so it goes on.....makes me sick! I wonder what would happen if the old just turned up to Downing Street and just stayed until they passed away rather than to be forced into selling their house for care.Extreeme but otherwise nobody listens.

Samantha@ 50 plus said...

Baby boomers are not a happy lot. They face some unique challenges because of their age, mental and physical health, and lack of information. They feel that that their mental strength is not enough to face the challenges.
Thanks for sharing these concern. I am looking forward for your future blogs.