Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Valentine’s Day spending among 50+ Americans

A very thoughtful lady from American Express sent me the following data from the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker research that was conducted during mid Jan 2011.

You can access tracker results from here

More than half (55%) of the 50+ plan to spend on Valentine’s Day, with the average spend at $180…I hope my wife is not going to read this blog posting!

The majority of those 50+ plan to either purchase a gift (41%) or go out to dinner (37%)

However, of those 50+ who are married or have a significant other, 48% are not planning to give gifts (compared to 40% of general population)

For those who are giving gifts, they plan to spend $86 on average (compared to $135 of general population)

I really don’t know what words of wisdom to add to this data. I do suspect, and this is based on a very small sample of data, that older Americans are more generous with their Valentine Day giving than the Brits. Dick Stroud

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