Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WRVS says the 65+ boost society by £30bn

After the stream of boomer bashing articles it is refreshing to read something that puts the other side of the story.

A study published tomorrow by the WRVS, the volunteering charity, finds that the elderly are in fact net contributors to the tune of £30bn to £40bn a year because they pay tax, spend money that creates jobs, deliver billions of pounds of free care to others and contribute to charities and volunteering.

The study, compiled by the economic consultancy SQW and reviewed by Robert McNabb, professor of economics at Cardiff Business School, is one of the more comprehensive attempts to estimate the costs and benefits to society of over-65s.

I have requested a copy of the study and will comment in detail when it is released. What’s the betting that it doesn’t get as many quotes as Mr. Willett’s confounded Pinch! Dick Stroud

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Sandra Rhodda said...

I look forward to seeing your full report. Sandra Rhodda,