Monday, April 11, 2011

The swifts will soon be back - must be about time for ORW

In the UK there are a few things that mark out the change of the seasons. The nicest one is the first time I see a swift in the sky. Another is when the first brochure for Haymarket’s OlderRicherWiser conference drops through my letter-box.

I have spoken and attended this conference over the years and always come away thinking that this will probably be the last one. But no, another year another brochure. The people at Haymarket are not idiots so I can only assume that it keeps turning in a profit.

This will tell you all about the 2011 conference. Dick Stroud

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The Baby Boomer said...

I couldn't agree more. It's a load of people who have bought their slot, flogging their tripe. I'm 64, working in design and can't see much difference between me and my employees - apart from my grey hair and a touch of grumpiness. I'm tired of young experts talking about us as though we were laboratory rats.