Monday, May 02, 2011

Understanding the iPad: Insights and opportunities

What more is there to write about the iPad other than why people really buy them and how they really use them?

There is a lot of personal views but very little hard research on the subject. A report from McKinsey has been on my desk since Feb and I have only just got around to reading it.

The bottom line is that for lots of people the device is a home product that they use instead of their laptop, other than when they need to do some serious keyboard stuff. That makes sense to me.

If you need some stats, from an impeccable source, then I suggest you download the report.

Interestingly, but not really as surprise, lots of the things people didn’t like about the product have been sorted with the iPad2.

I liked the final sentence.
Predicting the future is a good way to be proved wrong. What is certain, though, is that tablets’ journey has only just begun
You cannot argue with that. Dick Stroud

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