Monday, May 02, 2011

Aviva - well done. Aviva – wake up to social networking.

First the good news. Aviva has published another issue of its excellent report about the state of the finances of the UK’s 50-plus. Doesn’t make very happy reading, but it confirms the patterns that have been emerging over the past 12 months.

Now the bad news. For some idiotic reason, Aviva password lock the pdf document so it is impossible to copy any of the text. Come on guys, copying is good. Copying and publication is what it is all about. Instead I have the option of re-keying the text (daft) or taking a screen scrape.

I chose the latter. Sorry but you will have to click to read the image.

The deteriorating finances of the majority of the younger-old and the continuing financial resilience of the 15-20% (The Charmed Generation) comes out in this and the most recent Saga analysis. Dick Stroud

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