Saturday, May 07, 2011

Well, well, well – has changed owners

I have only just got around to reading this press release, dated end April. After such a big-bang start and having burned through lots and lots of money, has been sold.

Here is what the press release says.

Crew Media, the media services company owned and operated by Continuum Crew announced today that it has acquired the baby boomer-focused online social networking site and baby boomer online advertising network Eons BOOM Media.

Founded in 2006 by Jeff Taylor, the creator of, Eons is an online social networking site serving the baby boomer generation. Eons has more than 800,000 registered users, and is the anchor site in the Eons BOOM Media network of 26 websites, whose combined monthly visits are more than four million.

"Members of the large Eons community are loyal, actively participate in groups and engage one another – presenting a great opportunity to collect insights and deliver those to advertisers,” said Lori Bitter, President and CEO, Continuum Crew.

I would love to know what the deal was on the purchase. Let’s just say I doubt if very much money exchanged hands.

Anyway, I wish Lori Bitter all good luck with the venture. She has been a great ambassador for boomer marketing and if anybody can make a few bob out of eons I think it will be her.

I and one or two of my US mates have said that age silo social networking is never going to make  money. Looks like we were right. Dick Stroud

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