Monday, June 27, 2011

Cloud+Apps = better healthcare

The examples of where apps and cloud are creating new ways of doing things are coming fast and furious.

The Open mHealth project, provides a set of tools for building cell-phone apps that collect health-related information. You can read about it in Technology Review.

The data can include information entered by users and also such things as smart-phone GPS- and accelerometer-tracking information. One pilot project is studying the diet, stress, movement, and exercise patterns of overweight new mothers. Users have control over what data is captured and get to choose with whom it is shared.

Hospitals, health-care providers, and startup companies could design additional apps to draw on the data.

It is a no-brainer that we will have medical records that are accessible from our smart devices. At the moment when you go to a NHS hospital you enter a data free zone. Even though you may have only just been discharged it takes days for your data to catch-up with you.

I guess that it will be private medicine and care services that will be the first to start using these applications. Sometime in the future the cumbersome public care system will get hold of the technology.

Once we get an accepted data structure (I know that is a big ask) then the apps will follow. Dick Stroud

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