Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Expect to see a lot more developments in gesture sensing

An analyst report suggests that the market for the hardware and software components needed to enable gesture recognition in products such as the Kinect was worth $200 million in 2010 and will be worth $625 million by 2015.

That's pretty steep growth.

I sam really excited about the possibilities of gesture sensoring to make it easier for older people to access electronic devices - note I didn't just say computers. If this is an area of technology that interests you then have a read of this article in Technology Review. 

I didn't realise that PrimeSense, an Israeli company, was the supplier of Kinect's gesture-sensing hardware. The founder of this company said that : "His company was really focused on the living room because it really needs to change, previous attempts to integrate computers into television watching, such as Google TV, have been hamstrung by the need for complicated remote controls that often incorporate a keyboard." This is definitely a subject to monitor. Dick Stroud

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