Sunday, November 06, 2011

Matthew Parris has definitely taken the red pill

I am sorry but I am going to keep on referring to my blog posting about red and blue pills. Why? Because it is probably the most important one I have written since I began blogging, 3,000 blog postings ago.

Yesterday's Times had an article by Matthew Parris, I guy who I greatly admire and who writes in a way I can only dream of copying.
Sorry New Internetional but I am going to directly quote a section of his article. I will now start listening from strange bleeps on my mobile phone (just joking).

As our strange times unfold, more and more do I believe that the story of the politics and economics of the Western world has become the story of evasion. 
We in the West are looking for escape routes from the obvious, looking for someone to blame, something to postpone the unavoidable. We look away from what stares us in the face: the imperium of the West is over, never to return. 
Our predominance is gone. Our inheritance is diminished. We are being humbled, and will not be raised up again. We have overstretched our own resources. We have been outspending our own budgets. Our output has been falling behind while our shopping habits have been racing ahead. We’re broke and have no means of getting rich again. Greece is only the the most grotesque example: a caricature of the condition afflicting us all. 
Future historians should call these decades the Great Evasion.

Let me say this again - this is a fantastic opportunity. There will a massive demand for products and services designed to cope with this new reality. But as long as you think that sometime soon things are going to return to 'normal' you have no hope of exploiting this opportunity. Have a good Sunday. Dick Stroud

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