Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Retirement Reset - and reset again

 I haven't heard anything from Ken Dychtwald for ages. Looks like he has been working with SunAmerica on a study about how the recession affected the attitudes and plans of older Americans. 

You can watch a quick video, read the report or skim through a press article about the conclusions. 

My fear is that it is a bit to premature to be talking about the effects of the recession since the recession is still in the process of emerging. Perhaps the report should make it clear that it is about Recession 1 (sub prime induced) this will be small beer compared with Recession 2 (soverign debt related). 

As always, he is an interesting guy to hear. 

The Saga Index report for Q4 is in the process of being released - a press release but no report - not good Saga. Once it is ready I will comment upon its conclusions. One thing appears to be emerging is that attitudes in the UK are still going south but may be stabilising.

Either that or they are having a rest before another plunge. Seriously, there is only so much doom and gloom that you can deal with before older people start to find coping mechanisms. That doesn't mean that the situation has improved but that we get better at handling the negative emotions it creates - for a time. Dick Stroud 

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