Thursday, December 01, 2011

Baby boomers key to brand segmentation - Errr

A couple of weeks ago Marketing Week had a throwaway comment about its coverage of Baby Boomers during December.

Yesterday the UK magazine had an article with the same title as this blog. Sounds interesting I thought. I was disappointed.  

It looks as if the magazine had got hold of some research from a company called The Sound Research (interesting web site) about Boomers but it then failed to make any real mention about its conclusions. Instead there were a couple of odd and quotes like this:

WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell tells Marketing Week: “Baby boomers are where the wealth and income is. I don’t know whether you can aim at both boomers and younger groups or whether you have to use more segmented and targeted strategies. But you ignore either at your peril.” Well of course you would be brain dead to ignore both groups of people.

Parents and grandparents combined with the 15to 24-year-old group make up about 50% of Skype’s customers. “Skype has typically had a really broad appeal across the age range,” says Skype marketer. About a fifth of its users are boomers. Interesting that Skype quantifies the number of Boomer users but so what?

The article features a case about New Balance trainers but for the hell of me I cannot see what point it is making.

I suspect there was more interesting stuff available to the journalist who either didn't want to or couldn't use it. Worth a quick scan but don't get too excited. Dick Stroud 

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