Thursday, December 08, 2011

Do you know your ding from your bling? Your butterz from your crutterz?

It has become very fashionable to whinge on about intergenerational equity. I think one of the biggest intergenerational problems is that the language the generations use has lost a common meaning (I jest, but only a bit).

Wouldn't it be great if oldies had mechanism to understand what their grandchildren are talking about?

Much to my amazement Saga has created an app the provides a translator from you yoof to oldie. There is no doubt about it, Saga has “lightened up" in the last year or so. I just could never imagine the ‘old’ Saga coming up with this idea.

 Woteva is a light-hearted application that I am sure will bring a few smiles to the faces of all generations and it is not a bad way for Saga to promote its brand and to demonstrate its lighter side.

Well done Saga. To make my week, please publish your 4th Quarter Index results that you talked about over 10 days ago. Dick Stroud

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