Thursday, December 08, 2011

Politicians really are a stupid bunch

Way back in December last year I was suggesting that what was needed was a Tripadvisor for Care Homes 

Since then, as the state of care in NHS hospitals has declined (that is putting it mildly), I and a lot of other people have been saying that the only way to inject some discipline and decent standards of care is to apply user generated content to shame hospitals into treating their patients - especially older patients - with a smidgen of decency.

Like a lumbering mule, the minister for Health, suddenly gets the idea and thinks that we should have  a Tripadvisor for GP practices. Not only is he years behind the curve the idiot has chosen the wrong target - it is hospitals where the standards are falling not GPs.

I guess you could say that better late than never the political class 'gets' the power of users to influence large organisations. I wouldn't hold my breath if you expect anything to materialise anytime soon. Dick Stroud

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