Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greying consumers are a gold mine for VCs

I always love it when an organisation discovers the older market and then eulogies about it as if they have discovered something unknown to mankind.

Don't get me wrong, the more organisations that talk about the value of the older market and that add insights into the types of products and services it will require and how best to engage with it, the better.

I had all of this in mind when I read the article by Gigaom. I quote:

Most venture capitalists obsess on the latest shiny object for the 18-34 demographic. That’s remarkably shortsighted. The aging U.S. population is a potential gold mine for entrepreneurs who can build technologies to help this huge demographic remain active and stay in their homes as long as possible. The cohort of Americans over age 55 is massive. “This is a huge market — $3 trillion in annual disposable income” and so on and so on ...

Much of the article was about the conference that has recently been run by Redstar and that featured speakers and content from MIT AgeLab. 

Nice to see another organisation that states that its future is aligned with the older consumer. Dick Stroud

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