Thursday, December 22, 2011

A heavy duty article about food and ageing

If you are involved in the food or wellness business then you should file this article/report.

My experience has been that there is no single attitude that older consumers have towards nutrition and healthiness.

Some take it very seriously, some don’t give a damn. There is a correlation between social wellness and social economic group but as the bulging waistlines of many older, wealthy people testifies, a lot of those who should know better share the bad habits as their DE contemporaries.

The research quotes that 31% of those surveyed cited future good health as their primary driver for seeking better nutrition, a motivation that held even stronger among the survey’s older respondents. Topping the list of concerns in the survey were cardiovascular health, eye health, cancer, retaining mental sharpness, engaging in normal activities, lack of energy, stress, muscle health and osteoporosis. The illnesses that are now at the top of the list of ‘concerns’ are conditions that affect independence, mobility and wellbeing: Alzheimer’s (up 14%), eye health (12%), lack of mental sharpness (10%), stress and arthritis (both 7%) and tiredness/lack of energy (6%). These are the changes between research in 2006 and 2010. As the article explains, there are lots of things that you can do to try and fend off the worst of these conditions. I expect that older people are going to be willing to pay a lot of money to delay the inevitable. Dick Stroud

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