Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The message service that starts on the screen and ends on the mantlepiece.

The need – son, daughter and grandchildren are taking zillions of photos with their phone and loading them to every social networking site that exists.

Poor old grandparents who are digitally challenged are missing out on their loved ones lives.

The solution – a simple way of taking the photos from your Facebook site or the desktop or tablet-top and sending it via the post as postcard.

I first saw an app for doing this in the US from an outfit call Postagram.
This is how the product is described: Instantly print and ship photos from Instagram, Facebook or your phone with free Postagram apps for iPhone and Android. Send high-quality photos in the mail to friends & family, anywhere, anytime. 

We Brits now have our own version of this application with a product called Hugmail.
This is how they describe themselves: Our mission is to make it easier for the different generations to stay in touch. A lot of older people end up missing out on news from family because they don't own smartphones and aren't on Facebook or email. And we know from our own experience, that finding time to write that letter or send that printed photo just doesn't happen often enough. That's where Hugmail comes in, the message service that starts on the screen and ends on the mantlepiece.

I feel sure that there are other application for this portal between digital and paper images. I really like the way Hugmail has been set-up. It was easy to use and 2 days after taking my photo it came back to me via the post. I wish the venture good luck. Dick Stroud

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