Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Initial investigation into Subjective Wellbeing

The ONS is including 'touchy-feely' questions into its survey of Brits. This report is stuffed full of data about our satisfaction with life today. I have to be honest - I really don't think this is worth the paper it written on  - or the disk space it consumes.

What is of interest is the relative measures, like the above chart showing the life satisfaction and worthwhileness of life, of different ages.

Looks like the 65-74 year olds are a pretty contented bunch. This conclusion keeps coming up in research - like the Saga Index survey. Hint to Saga, please publish your Q4 results not just the press release.

Back to the data. I guess it is not surprising why this age group seems relatively happy. Their health is probably not that bad - their financial commitments are declining and they don't have to worry about getting fired. This is a gross generalisation of the age group but you get the drift of my argument.

I wonder how these numbers are going to change throughout 2012. No doubt we will find out. Dick Stroud 

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