Monday, January 30, 2012

Content free gibberish about older people

I have started suffering from the physical problem of skin irritation. I don’t think it is psoriasis or anything serious because I only get it when I am in the company of people talking gibberish, especially people talking gibberish about older people and especially when these people are spending my hard earned taxed income. Because I am nice guy I am not going to name the person or indeed the organisation but see what you make of the following:

....and the whole agenda of the xyz, our mandate, is to look at societal challenges.

‘What design has done for this whole agenda that we’re driving in terms of independent living is to add that, and to support, and to boost, that social dimension to the independent-living agenda.

‘We have come from a very technologically-focused origin and trying to broaden it in terms of the social dimension and how social innovation can address underpinning social issues that undermine health, well-being, and independent living was, you know, I use design as the vehicle to enable, enable that.

‘I think what design also brings is a sense of openness, um, er, a willingness to interact with people, um, that I think is essential.  I think it also brings a lot of fun, and interest, and intrigue, and excitement to it.’

OK – do you have any idea what they are talking about?

I would like to thank my good chum Paddy for transcribing this nonsense from a recently released video. 

Why do people utter this verbal diarrhoea? Maybe they are stupid? Maybe they really have no idea what they are trying to do or say. Maybe it is both reasons.

I suspect they live in a world, normally in a Government or Government funded environment, where their peers talk an equally content free variant of the English language. The trouble is when they leave that world and have to express their views to those boring people like me that expect 130 words to have at least a tad of meaning.  

Rant over. Dick Stroud

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