Friday, January 13, 2012

The future of gadgets is simplicity

The FT reckons that simplicity was the theme of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. More complexity = good has been replaced with "the simpler the better".

I quote from the FT:

 The latest models are on a diet of voice commands, gestures and even facial recognition that will be enabled by faster processors, built-in cameras and microphones.

These more natural ways of summoning up content, with simpler remotes and menus, should make access to apps and services much easier.
LG has added voice recognition to its Magic Remote motion controller, while Sony has simplified its own fiendishly complex remotes, partly by doing the same.

Samsung announced Smart Interaction – incorporating voice command, motion-sensing and facial recognition – which can identify different members of a family and offer their own personalised interface for entertainment.
Google TV sets were also being shown by LG and others, with Version 2.0 offering a simplified interface and more compelling apps.

This is good news for older people. What a quaint idea to make technology easier to use. Dick Stroud

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