Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tablet and E-book reader ownership nearly doubles over Xmas period

Pew Research has just published some data about the ownership of tablets and e-readers. 

Can you believe this statistic: The share of adults in the United States who own tablet computers nearly doubled from 10% to 19% between mid-December and early January and the same surge in growth also applied to e-book readers, which also jumped from 10% to 19% over the same time period.
The number of Americans owning at least one of these digital reading devices jumped from 18% in December to 29% in January.

You can see what the most popular Xmas present was this year.

For the first time that I can remember, the sale of a new tech product to the 65+ is keeping pace with the other age groups. Clearly, e-readers are popular (rightly so) with older people.

The 50-64 year olds are also buying a lot of e-readers and tablets. 

For those who haven't already appreciated it - we are a turning point for the consumption of media and the preferred technology platform used by all generations. Fascinating. Dick Stroud

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