Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BBC needs to get a grip or it will keep hemorrhaging its older audience

I have never been a great fan of the BBC. Of course some bits are very good. So they should for the amount of money it costs. The BBC has its own take on the world that is London centric - urban centric - soft left - anti-government  and above all with a much younger attitude and style than its audience.

Nice to see that I am not the only person that shares some of these views. Today a report, commissioned by the BBC, castigates the broadcaster for the way it treats older listeners.

A few quotes

Furthermore, the biggest loser is the older demographic who are turning away from their local services as stations are no longer airing content aimed at their age group.'

The fastest growing demographic is the over-50 age group, yet they now appear less well served than ever before.

I thought each station I visited housed a full complement of journalists and yet I was surprised to note so many were outside the age range of the target audience demographic. A balanced newsroom in experience and age is important if the target market is going to be well served.'

Needless to say the Daily Mail had a few things to say about the report. To get the balanced view read the report itself.

Don't expect anything to change since the other thing that really gets me about the BBC is its arrogance that it always knows best. No doubt they will have rationalised this all away and will continue on as before. Dick Stroud

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