Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hotels for the wellness focused older traveller

Brandchannel had an interesting article about InterContinental Hotel Group and the launch of its EVEN Hotels that will focus on four priority areas: Exercise, Eat, Work, and Rest.

The marketing speak got the better of IHG - the goal to offer guests "a customised approach to holistic wellness." Ahhhh

EVEN locations will have guest rooms designed for in-room workouts (not sure about that) ); best-in-class gyms and group exercise activities (sounds good); nutritionally designed menus with a focus on natural, fresh, fit and energising meals, available anytime; free flavoured filtered water and free mini-smoothies in the morning (very good); and other amenities such as hypoallergenic linens, powerful showerheads, and natural lighting (excellent).

OK, IHG you have just won yourself a customer. Methinks I might not be alone. It will be interesting to see what the age profile of customers is and even more interesting what IHG thinks it will be. Dick Stroud

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