Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Convert CCTV data to market intelligence and promotional content - brilliant

What do your customers do when they come into your store, cafe, bank branch....? One thing is for certain is that they appear on your CCTV video. What do you do with that - nothing - unless the customer happens to leave without paying. Zillions of digits of information that does nothing for your business other than to prevent/deter losing money.

Along comes a company called Prism Skylabs  - I love the web address who can extract value from this stuff.

This is what the company says about itself.

What is Prism Skylabs? Prism Skylabs brings physical spaces online, creating new places for people and businesses to understand and engage each other. The company is changing how businesses use video and how consumers experience physical spaces online. In the longer term, Prism Skylabs’ goal is to transform the world’s multi-hundred billion-dollar camera network investments into a platform for online-to-offline commerce that creates new revenue streams and new opportunities for businesses to engage customers.

I am very interested in understanding the patterns of behaviour of older people in the retail environment. This looks like a terrific tool that could make it much easier to follow and understand exactly what consumer do when trying to jump the physical hurdles that we put in their way.

If the product does what it says then this is a stunning marketing innovation. Dick Stroud

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